Passion Flower Beauty


Passion Flower Beauty is for those who love natural and organic cosmetics and beauty. We want to give our customers the best quality for the best price.
Natural beauty products seem to be a thing of the past. PFB strives to make you look as beautiful as you feel inside and out! Our products are never tested on animals and contain absolutely no animal products whatsoever.
Our mission is to give our customers the best products that their money can buy. We never test on animals and use all organic materials to make our beauty line. We also want our customers to know just how important they are to us. We will never sell products that do not hold up our own standards and our mission. The powders do not have carmines in them and are not tested on animals.

Arrowroot Powder
Unsweetened Cocoa
Mica Powders
Titanium Oxides
Brown Sugar
Kaolin Clays
Organic Baking Soda
Kosher Sea Salt
Citric Acid (For fizzing)
Shea Butter
Aloe Vera
Coconut Oil
Vegetable Glycerin
Goat's Milk (for Soaps)